27 May 2007

Calling all artists, writers, musicians for Cult of Youth #4


The Cult of Youth Editorial Board extends an open call to submit art, writing, or music to the Cult of Youth's upcoming Seattle issue, COY#4. The Cult of Youth Reader is Seattle's premiere
youth-themed book-arts-affectionate party-in-a-magazine, featuring original art and writing by a whole bunch of really terrific emerging talent.

In this issue we'll be exploring Seattle's (youth) culture or lack thereof, past and present, from inception to self-destruction, as well as more general portraits of neighborhoods, favorite spots, and Seattle memories. Any works related to this theme will be considered for

Sample topics:
  • Your favorite place in Seattle
  • Essay about your neighborhood, what makes it unique
  • Stories from Seattle ("it could only happen here")
  • About moving here: why/how/when/etc.
  • Compare to where you came from
  • Growing up in Seattle
  • Secrets about Seattle: hideouts, good spots for dumpster diving, your favorite graffiti, great all-night diners nobody goes to, the magic spell that makes it so a bus comes as soon as you light a cigarette
  • Memories, events in Seattle
  • The "Seattle personality": passive aggressive, two-faced, tight pants, hiking boots
  • Death/destruction of Pike/Pine
  • Seattle as Babylon: earthquakes and other disasters
  • Attempts to define Seattle culture
  • Interviews with Seattle notables
  • The history of Seattle, like the actual history with Lewis and Clark and stuff
  • Seattle's unique music culture, how everybody is in a band
  • Grunge and why we love and hate it
  • Movies about Seattle from the early/mid 90's when Seattle was trendy: Singles, Sleepless in Seattle
  • Coffee
  • Why Seattle is/is not dying
Writing makes our publication, so we want to hear from all kinds of writers - even if you haven't been published before. Also, we are looking for people who like to do interviews for this issue (contact lit editor: Aaron).

We're also looking for artists of any media to illustrate specific articles--We'll send you the article, you'll send us an illustration or photo based on it within a week or two--so if you'd be interested in that, please reply with some general examples of your work post haste (contact art editor: Julia).


Submission deadline: July 1, 2007
If you want to submit art/photo/illustration, please email Visual Editor Julia (julia@cultofyouth.com)

Submission deadline: Rough Drafts by July 1, 2007
If you want to submit writing, please email Lit Editor Aaron (aaron@cultofyouth.com)

Submission deadline: MP3's by July 1, 2007
If you want to be in COY#4 CD compilation, please email Music Editor Aaron (aaron@cultofyouth.com)

We encourage you to contact us immediately if you have ideas about your contribution but you have not yet created it.

Please forward this to anyone you think would be stoked to be published. Looking forward to hearing from you and your friends.

Best Regards,
Cult of Youth

22 April 2007


Hey Brodie,
I moved to Seattle pretty much on a whim. The overall picture was that I was eventually going to graduate school and it didn't matter where I was until that time. It also helped that U of W has one of the best programs in the country for Healthcare Administration.

My buddy Jamon wanted to go to a photography school out here, and my friend Dan wanted to get out of Minnesota so they inivited me to move out too. I had recently finished undergrad and didn't know what I wanted to do. We were supposed to leave on September 30th, as I was returning from Israel about a week before that. When I got back, Jamon had backed out because he wanted to stay with his girlfriend.

So what happened was Dan and I went out for dinner and got some big steaks. Then we each took a napkin and wrote in it whether or not we wanted to find an apartmnet in Minneapolis, or just say what the hell and drive out here. We then folded them in half and traded napkins. The theory was that if the napkins said the same thing, there was no reason to discuss reasoning, just eat the steak. So they each said Seattle, and we moved out here.

Then he moved back, and I stayed for school and friends and the girl I convinced to move out here from Kentucky.

Hope this helps with your magazine,

20 April 2007


स्तेफें Notley

Fri, Mar 16 - Full!
Oof, I don't know how much I can do for the update this week, folks. I'm full, full, so very full of pot roast. There's a cafe, the Five Point, that advertises Seattle's Best Pot Roast 24 Hours on a piece of cut-out colored paper on the door. I haven't eaten every other pot roast in Seattle, so I'm not really able to speak on the issue of whether it's the best, but it's very good. Super soft and tender, simering in its own juices for decades, deeply marbled, wrought through with flavorful filmy tissue, gravied unto drowning. Even now I feel it spreading through my being.